Our Philosophy

As breeders of Stud cattle for over 50 years Onslow has always focussed on the commercial traits, fertility, performance and industry requirements.  These qualities have always and continue to be the profit drivers for Onslow and Clients.

Our selection criteria is simple and consistent.  We continue to look at People, Programs and Cattle.  Our theory is a need to select genetics that will give us size, structure, muscling, doing ability, feet, scrotal, hair type, temperament and maternal background to continue our program.

Through visual and Breedplan data we access the sires for consideration and select accordingly.  Our heifers are classed at weaning then after that are selected for fertility and performance.


Onslow joined 700 stud and commercial females and sold 120 Angus bulls and 180 Stud heifers to China last year.  Clients market their cattle in varied ways – direct to feedlots or abattoirs and others in regional selling centres.   It is pleasing to see the Onslow type in saleyards usually in the front row – well grown soft long bodied calves that create a premium.

One well known livestock carrier said “I can always tell the Onslow blood calves because they are always longer than most and just as thick”.

Doug Tozer

has been involved with 3 breeds of stud cattle for over 53 years and has sold over 3,000 bulls and achieved  top prices of $20,000 to $39,000 for each of the Breeds.  Each year several bulls are selected for Bull Breeding Operations with the balance going to commercial clients. Onslow’s operation is focussed on predictability, performance and industry requirements.